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Born in South Korea, Samantha-Sungeun Kim launched her fashion career by landing a gig as a fashion stylist assistant in Korea. After completing a degree in fashion design in Seoul, Samantha moved to New York City where she is pursuing a fashion styling career through work of her own and by assisting various stylists working in the fields of fashion editorials, advertisement, e-commerce and TV commercials. 

She has worked for various publications including Vogue Korea, Wonderland, Sleek, Kingkong and schon magazine. Samantha’s work merges masculinity and femininity through imagery that uniquely combines playfulness, attraction and an occasional sensibility for the grotesque. Lately, she has been exploring that vision through the medium of erotica art, which she features in her own magazine, “Samantha”, a publication whose creative direction is driven by experimental optics of sexuality.

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